Spacemacs Org-mode 快捷键中文说明书

复制至 Spacemacs org-layer 的 README,翻译了快捷键部分

从 emacs 迁移到 spacemacs,用 evil 模式也用了一段时间了,对于在 evil 模式下 org-mode 快捷键一直一知半解,所以把 README 拿出来全方位的过一遍,顺便看看还有哪些好用的功能没用上。
一边试每一个快捷键一边翻译, 时间关系,不太常用的或者只靠试键搞不懂用处的暂时先不翻了,以后有空再继续,希望不要烂尾。
spacemacs 里就有原文,在这里能找到(需要先安装 spacemacs):


1# 按键绑定 Key bindings

1.1# 开始使用 org-mode

按键绑定 说明
SPC a o # org agenda list stuck projects
SPC a o / org occur in agenda files
SPC a o a 日程列表 org agenda list
SPC a o c 快速创建项 org capture
SPC a o e org store agenda views
SPC a o f i org feed goto inbox
SPC a o f u org feed update all
SPC a o k g 进入最后一次始计时的项
SPC a o k i 继续计时之前最后一次停止的项 org clock in last
SPC a o k j 进入当前开始计时的项 org jump to current clock
SPC a o k o 停止当前计时 org clock out
SPC a o k r org resolve clocks
SPC a o l org store link
SPC a o m 以标签进行搜索 org tags view
SPC a o o 日程列表选单 org agenda
SPC a o s 正则搜索 org search view
SPC a o t 显示所有剩余的 TODO 项 org todo list
SPC C c 快速创建项 org-capture

1.2# 开关 Toggles

按键绑定 说明
SPC m T c 改变当前项 checkbox 的勾选状态 org-toggle-checkbox
SPC m T e org-toggle-pretty-entities
SPC m T i org-toggle-inline-images
SPC m T l 显示当前文件所有超链接的地址 org-toggle-link-display
SPC m T t 显示当前文件所有 TOTO 项 org-show-todo-tree
SPC m T T 切换 TODO 的状态 org-todo
SPC m T V 切换当前文件到只读的阅读模式 toggle space-doc-mode a read-only view mode
SPC m T x 预览 latex org-preview-latex-fragment

1.3# Org-mode

按键绑定 说明
SPC m <dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key> org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
SPC m * 正文转标题,或标题转正文 org-ctrl-c-star
SPC m RET org-ctrl-c-ret
SPC m - 修改列表项符号 org-ctrl-c-minus
SPC m '​ org-edit-special
SPC m a 日程列表选单 org-agenda
SPC m A 插入附件 org-attach
SPC m c 快速录入 org-capture
SPC m C c 取消当前计时 org-clock-cancel
SPC m C g 重新计算计时 evil-org-recompute-clocks
SPC m C i 在当前项开始计时 org-clock-in
SPC m C o 结束当前计时 org-clock-out
SPC m C r org-resolve-clocks
SPC m d d 为当前项添加截止时间 org-deadline
SPC m d s 为当前项添加排程时间 org-schedule
SPC m d t 为当前项添加时间戳 org-time-stamp
SPC m d T 为当前项添加未激活的时间戳 org-time-stamp-inactive
SPC m e e 导出当前文件 org-export-dispatch
SPC m e m 导出当前文件为一个 html 格式的 email 消息 send current buffer as HTML email message
SPC m f i org-feed-goto-inbox
SPC m f u org-feed-update-all
SPC m l org-open-at-point
SPC m L org-shiftright
SPC m H org-shiftleft
SPC m K org-shiftup
SPC m J org-shiftdown
SPC m C-S-l org-shiftcontrolright
SPC m C-S-h org-shiftcontrolleft
SPC m C-S-j org-shiftcontroldown
SPC m C-S-k org-shiftcontrolup
SPC s j 跳到一个标题 spacemacs/jump-in-buffer (jump to a heading)

1.4# Org with evil-org-mode

Please see the evil-org documentation for additional instructions on customizing

按键绑定 说明
gj / gk 上一个/下一个标题 Next/previous element (heading)
gh / gl 上一级/下一级标题 Parent/child element (heading)
gH 当前项的顶级标题 Root heading
ae Element text object
ar Subtree text object
M-j / M-k 上下移动当前树,联动子树 Move heading
M-h / M-l 升降级当前树,不联动子树 Promote or demote heading
M-J / M-K 上下移动当前树,不联动子树 Move subtree
M-H / M-L 升降级当前树,联动子树 Promote or demote subtree
>> / << 升降级当前树,不联动子树 Promote or demote heading

如果启用了 org-want-todo-bindings ,以下快捷键可用

按键绑定s 说明
t Cycle TODO state of current heading
T Insert new TODO heading
M-t Insert new TODO sub-heading

1.5# Tables

按键绑定 说明
SPC m t a Align the table at point by aligning all vertical bars
SPC m t b Blank the current table field or active region
SPC m t c Convert from org-mode table to table.el and back
SPC m t d c Delete a column from the table
SPC m t d r Delete the current row or horizontal line from the table
SPC m t e Replace the table field value at the cursor by the result of a calculation
SPC m t E Export table to a file, with configurable format
SPC m t h Go to the previous field in the table
SPC m t H Move column to the left
SPC m t i c Insert a new column into the table
SPC m t i h Insert a horizontal-line below the current line into the table
SPC m t i H Insert a hline and move to the row below that line
SPC m t i r Insert a new row above the current line into the table
SPC m t I Import a file as a table
SPC m t j Go to the next row (same column) in the current table
SPC m t J Move table row down
SPC m t K Move table row up
SPC m t l Go to the next field in the current table, creating new lines as needed
SPC m t L Move column to the right
SPC m t n Query for a size and insert a table skeleton
SPC m t N Use the table.el package to insert a new table
SPC m t p Plot the table using org-plot/gnuplot
SPC m t r Recalculate the current table line by applying all stored formulas
SPC m t s Sort table lines according to the column at point
SPC m t t f Toggle the formula debugger in tables
SPC m t t o Toggle the display of Row/Column numbers in tables
SPC m t w Wrap several fields in a column like a paragraph

1.6# Trees

按键绑定 说明
gj / gk Next/previous element (heading)
gh / gl Parent/child element (heading)
gH Root heading
ae Element text object
ar Subtree text object
M-j / M-k Move heading
M-h / M-l Promote or demote heading
M-J / M-K Move subtree
M-H / M-L Promote or demote subtree
>> / << Promote or demote heading
TAB org-cycle
SPC m s a Toggle archive tag for subtree
SPC m s A Archive subtree
SPC m s b org-tree-to-indirect-buffer
SPC m s l org-demote-subtree
SPC m s h org-promote-subtree
SPC m s k org-move-subtree-up
SPC m s j org-move-subtree-down
SPC m s n org-narrow-to-subtree
SPC m s N widen narrowed subtree
SPC m s r org-refile
SPC m s s show sparse tree
SPC m s S sort trees

1.7# Element insertion

按键绑定 说明
SPC m i d org-insert-drawer
SPC m i D s Take screenshot
SPC m i D y Yank image url
SPC m i e org-set-effort
SPC m i f org-insert-footnote
SPC m i H 当前标题或内容之后添加标题 org-insert-heading-after-current
SPC m i h 当前位置插入标题 org-insert-heading
SPC m i K spacemacs/insert-keybinding-org
SPC m i l 插入链接 org-insert-link
SPC m i n 插入笔记 org-add-note
SPC m i p 插入属性 org-set-property
SPC m i s 添加父级树 org-insert-subheading
SPC m i t 添加标签 org-set-tags
按键绑定 说明
SPC m x o org-open-at-point

1.9# Babel / Source Blocks

按键绑定 说明
SPC m b . Enter Babel Transient State
SPC m b a org-babel-sha1-hash
SPC m b b org-babel-execute-buffer
SPC m b c org-babel-check-src-block
SPC m b d org-babel-demarcate-block
SPC m b e org-babel-execute-maybe
SPC m b f org-babel-tangle-file
SPC m b g org-babel-goto-named-src-block
SPC m b i org-babel-lob-ingest
SPC m b I org-babel-view-src-block-info
SPC m b j org-babel-insert-header-arg
SPC m b l org-babel-load-in-session
SPC m b n org-babel-next-src-block
SPC m b o org-babel-open-src-block-result
SPC m b p org-babel-previous-src-block
SPC m b r org-babel-goto-named-result
SPC m b s org-babel-execute-subtree
SPC m b t org-babel-tangle
SPC m b u org-babel-goto-src-block-head
SPC m b v org-babel-expand-src-block
SPC m b x org-babel-do-key-sequence-in-edit-buffer
SPC m b z org-babel-switch-to-session
SPC m b Z org-babel-switch-to-session-with-code

1.9.1# Org Babel Transient State

Use SPC m b . to enter a transient state for quick source block navigation and
execution. During that state, the following bindings are active:

按键绑定 说明
~’~ edit source block
e execute source block
g jump to named source block
j jump to next source block
k jump to previous source block
q leave transient state

1.10# 强调 Emphasis

按键绑定 说明
SPC m x b 选中文本加粗 make region bold
SPC m x c 选中文本转换为行内代码 make region code
SPC m x i 选中文本转换为斜体 make region italic
SPC m x r 清空选中文本的格式 clear region emphasis
SPC m x s 选中文本添加删除线 make region strike-through
SPC m x u 选中文本添加下划线 make region underline
SPC m x v 选中文本高亮

1.11# 日历中的操作 Navigating in calendar

按键绑定 说明
M-l 右移一天
M-h 左移一天
M-j 上移一天
M-k 下移一天
M-L 右移一月
M-H 左移一月
M-J 上一年
M-K 下一年

1.12# Capture buffers and src blocks

org-capture-mode and org-src-mode both support the confirm and abort

按键绑定 说明
SPC m <dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key> confirm in org-capture-mode
SPC m '​ confirm in org-src-mode
SPC m c confirm
SPC m a abort
SPC m k abort
SPC m r org-capture-refile in org-capture-mode

1.13# Org agenda

1.13.1# Keybindings

The evilified org agenda supports the following bindings:

按键绑定 说明
M-SPC or s-M-SPC org-agenda transient state
SPC m a org-agenda
SPC m C c org-agenda-clock-cancel
SPC m C i org-agenda-clock-in
SPC m C o org-agenda-clock-out
SPC m C p org-pomodoro (if package is used)
SPC m d d org-agenda-deadline
SPC m d s org-agenda-schedule
SPC m i e org-agenda-set-effort
SPC m i p org-agenda-set-property
SPC m i t org-agenda-set-tags
SPC m s r org-agenda-refile
M-j next item
M-k previous item
M-h earlier view
M-l later view
gr refresh
gd toggle grid
C-v change view
RET org-agenda-goto
M-RET org-agenda-show-and-scroll-up

1.13.2# Org agenda transient state

Use M-SPC or s-M-SPC in an org agenda buffer to activate its transient state.
The transient state aims to list the most useful org agenda commands and
visually organize them by category. The commands associated with each binding
are listed bellow.

Keybinding 说明 Command
ht set status org-agenda-todo
hk kill org-agenda-kill
hR refile org-agenda-refile
hA archive org-agenda-archive-default
h: set tags org-agenda-set-tags
hp set priority org-agenda-priority
Visit entry
SPC in other window org-agenda-show-and-scroll-up
TAB & go to location org-agenda-goto
RET & del other windows org-agenda-switch-to
o link link-hint-open-link
ft by tag org-agenda-filter-by-tag
fr refine by tag org-agenda-filter-by-tag-refine
fc by category org-agenda-filter-by-category
fh by top headline org-agenda-filter-by-top-headline
fx by regexp org-agenda-filter-by-regexp
fd delete all filters org-agenda-filter-remove-all
ds schedule org-agenda-schedule
dS un-schedule org-agenda-schedule
dd set deadline org-agenda-deadline
dD remove deadline org-agenda-deadline
dt timestamp org-agenda-date-prompt
+ do later org-agenda-do-date-later
- do earlier org-agenda-do-date-earlier
tf follow org-agenda-follow-mode
tl log org-agenda-log-mode
ta archive org-agenda-archives-mode
tr clock report org-agenda-clockreport-mode
td diaries org-agenda-toggle-diary
vd day org-agenda-day-view
vw week org-agenda-week-view
vt fortnight org-agenda-fortnight-view
vm month org-agenda-month-view
vy year org-agenda-year-view
vn next span org-agenda-later
vp prev span org-agenda-earlier
vr reset org-agenda-reset-view
cI in org-agenda-clock-in
cO out org-agenda-clock-out
cq cancel org-agenda-clock-cancel
cj jump org-agenda-clock-goto
gr reload org-agenda-redo
. go to today org-agenda-goto-today
gd go to date org-agenda-goto-date

1.14# Pomodoro

按键绑定 说明
SPC m C p starts a pomodoro

1.15# Presentation

org-present must be activated explicitly by typing: SPC SPC org-present

按键绑定 说明
h previous slide
l next slide
q quit

1.16# Org-projectile

按键绑定 说明
SPC a o p Capture a TODO for the current project
SPC u SPC a o p Capture a TODO for any given project (choose from list)
SPC p o Go to the TODOs for the current project

1.17# Org-journal

按键绑定 说明
SPC a o j j New journal entry
SPC a o j s Search journal entries

Journal entries are highlighted in the calendar. The following key bindings are
available for calendar-mode for navigating and manipulating the journal.

按键绑定 说明
SPC m r Read journal entry
SPC m i Insert journal entry for date
SPC m n Next journal entry
SPC m p Previous journal entry
SPC m s Search all journal entries
SPC m w Search calendar week journal entries
SPC m m Search calendar month journal entries
SPC m y Search calendar year journal entries

While viewing a journal entry in org-journal-mode the following key bindings
are available.

按键绑定 说明
SPC m j New journal entry
SPC m p Previous journal entry
SPC m n Next journal entry

1.18# Org-brain

1.18.1# Application bindings

按键绑定 说明
SPC a o b Visualize an org-brain entry

1.18.2# Visualization bindings

按键绑定 说明
j / TAB Goto next link
k / S-TAB Goto previous link
c Add child
p Add parent
l Add resource link
C-y Paste resource link
a Add resource attachment
o Open and edit the visualized entry
f Find/visit another entry to visualize
r Rename this, or another, entry